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               Jiujiang Janny New Material Co., Ltd

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              Jiujiang Janny New Material Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Jannycompany ) is a professional smelter in tantalum. We have been serving thetantalum

              -niobium industry with high-quality tantalum-niobium series products.Janny Company takes the initiative to assume social responsibility from thebeginning to the end to ensure its own enterprise safety and health ofemployees, to ensure that products provided to customers meet industrytechnical standards, to ensure all business activities actions are legal andmoral. 

              In order to meet the needs of UN (United Nations) OECD (Organization forEconomic Cooperation and Development) and other internationalorganizations and institutions,To meet the requirement of prohibiting conflictraw materials from entering the supply chain of the electronic industry, thecompany has targeted its staff training, learning from relevant information and

              news reports, all directors, managers and operators of the company are wellaware of the meaning of"conflict raw materials". Fully support all actions ofEICC GeSI (Global Electronic Sustainable Development Initiative) on theestablishment of the Conflict-Free Smelter Program (CFS) for non-conflictsmelters, and strongly condemn all illegal actions in the development ofmineralresources.

              Janny Company has made many on-site inspections of its upstream rawmaterial suppliers since 2017, requiring that tantalum raw materials purchasedor operated by the company must come from legal and conforming channels,and provide corresponding product identification and specific certificationdocuments for tracing. All the work is to ensure our business activities. Our

              products conform to OECD's due diligence guidelines for mineral responsiblesupply chains in conflict-affected and high-risk areas, and can withstandEICC_GeSI authorized transparency auditsof third-party tantalum supplychains, with a view to maintaining Janny Company consistent good image inthe international tantalum and niobium industry.

              Janny Company only buy our raw material from RMAP qualified smelters.Ourwork is not confined to the above areas. The purpose and specific measuresinclude:

              1.Janny Company strictly abides by the law and respects human rights.

              2.Janny Company only purchases tantalum raw materials certified by iTSCi

              packaging and labeling system from formal members of iTSCi to prevent any "conflict raw materials"from entering the company's supply chain in theDemocratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its nine neighbouring countries ;

              3. Janny Company has established a complete"non-conflict Tantalum rawmaterial procurement and traceability control system"to ensure the system.Tantalum raw materials purchased and used by the company are traceableand non-conflicting.

              4. The raw materials purchased by Janny Company strictly abide by the rulesof international transport, and strict regulations have been established for thetransportation of tantalum raw materials of control system and testing means of Class7 are not purchased.

              5. Janny Company has always attached great importance to communicationwith customers, so that customers are also aware of Janny Company's supplychain policy.

              6. Janny Company implements a wide range of mass communication policiesand employee training systems. The company passes through upstream rawmaterial suppliers through due diligence, RMI training and network publicity,OECD's Guidelines for Responsible Supply Chains for Minerals in ConflictAffected Areas and High Risk Areas are disseminated to upstream suppliers,downstream customers and the public. Through the training of all employees,including senior management, to make them fully understand"OECD"Guidelines for due diligence on Responsible Supply Chains forminerals in conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

              7. Jenney does not support cash purchase. If any supplier has suchrequirement, we will refuse to purchase.

              The company has a senior manager responsible for due diligence in the supplychain.

              Ms. ChenMiao Tel: +867928533982 E-mail: 361466917@qq.com 

              The above policies and rules of conduct are published on the official website ofJiujiang Janny New Material Co., Ltd.

              Official website: www.jiujiangjn.com

              Jiujiang Janny New Material Co., Ltd.

              August 20, 2018

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